POWER GUIDANCE, focusing on providing professional equipment and training guidance for fitness and sports fans, is a globalized internet sports and health brand. With the core users community who are serious about fitness, specific scenes are built, such as weightlifting, lat pulling, functional training and home-based exercising. pursuing the elevation and improvement on training performance.  

Brand Development Milestones

●Founded in 2015

●Stand firmly in the US market in 2016, with sales exceeding 1 million

●Start to expand over to Europe in 2018, sales exceeded 10 million

●Strong growth under the COVID-19 in 2020, global sales exceeded 100 million

●In 2022, formed with a new proposition, sprint to a new target of 500 million.

Mission&Vision Statement


We always firmly believe that everyone who is passionately devoted to sports and insists on fitness is pursuing continuous progress. They continue to surpass their goals and challenge their lives, to reach the new height of achievement. They believe that through sports, at every moment of "exhaustion", they can stimulate their infinite potential and find endogenous, endless power to break through each "bottleneck" in the path of life.  

Value Proposition


Whether professionals, people who is serious about fitness, or ordinary fitness and sports enthusiasts who are just getting started, suitable products are always the top priority on their way to continuous improvement. Moreover, professional guidance and considerate service are needed. POWERGUIDANCE cares the improvement of the lifetime from the perspective of sports professional. To get involved in the progress of the user's sports performance through high-frequency interaction, witness the transformation of users.

Brand Values


Everyone who works with POWERGUIDANCE is not only expertized in product, but also has rich guidance experience for professional training;


Deeply pay attention to the needs of each individual user, and provide the products and services suitable;


Always listen to users and subtly interact to the changes, maintaining the agility in innovation, to integrate the innovation into every detail of products and services.


Product Development

Driven by the user experience, to bring the best products to those who is passionate to sports.


Quality control

In-depth supply chain system, whole-process quality management


User service

Starting from users, for users. To provide comprehensive care from products to services


Ultimate Price-Quality Ratio

To reach the balance between price and quality, make everyone get the joy of sport.