7 Variations To Master Pullups Or Chinups POWERGUIDANCE

7 Variations To Master Pullups Or Chinups

They're pretty incredible, but it’s time for a quick reality check. Truthfully, achieving your first pullup or chinup is hard and time-consuming–it can take anywhere from two weeks to two months,...
Benefits of Strength Training POWERGUIDANCE

Benefits of Strength Training

The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends American adults should engage in strength training at least twice a week. For best results, these workouts should be moderate to intense in...
6 Non-equipment Core Exercise POWERGUIDANCE

6 Non-equipment Core Exercise

What is Core Exercises? As the name suggests, your “core” is the central mid-region of your body, serving as a foundation for a range of daily movements. Every time you twist, bend, pivot, or lean,...
Workout Tips for Glutes POWERGUIDANCE

Workout Tips for Glutes

What are glutes?   Many people may want to strengthen and grow their glutes otherwise known as your butt for aesthetic reasons. But when it comes to your physical health, having strong glutes is es...