The Best Barbell Pad For Squats, Lunges, And Hip Thrusts

A barbell pad, sometimes called a hip thrust pad or barbell squat pad, is an essential item for making your at-home workout more comfortable, especially once you’ve started lifting heavier weights.

Purchasing a barbell pad for hip thrusts or a neck pad for a squat bar will keep the pressure off your hips, neck, and upper back so your workouts can be even more intense.

Barbell pads come in various lengths, thicknesses, and even materials.

Why Use A Barbell Pad?

A barbell pad is a cushion for your barbell that protects your body from the weight bar. They reduce pressure on your body where you may be resting a particularly heavy barbell for exercises like squats or hip thrusts.

You may not need a barbell pad when you are first beginning your at-home workout journey. But as you get stronger and want to add more weight or start to work out more frequently, you’ll want to invest in a barbell pad so you can continue to make progress.

When Can You Use a Barbell Pad?

Barbell pads are only necessary for barbell exercises that make direct contact with your body and require heavyweights, like squats, hip thrusts, and lunges.

Although it may not seem essential to purchase a barbell pad for this shortlist of exercises, these exercises are critical to a workout routine for building full-body strength. Investing in a barbell pad will ensure that you can continue to practice these exercises without hurting yourself or wearing yourself out.

What Does a Barbell Pad Do?

Barbell pads help protect your body in many ways by providing comfort and support and reducing your risk of bruising or injury.

Comfort and Support

The barbell pad’s thick, cushiony material prevents direct or intense contact with your body from the barbell, reducing the pressure on your body. This makes it much more comfortable to lift heavier weights or include more reps or sets in your workout routine since there won’t be physical pain from the bar itself.

Barbell pads also provide support when lifting, reducing the chance of the barbell slipping and causing an accident. This additional support becomes extra essential when you begin to lift heavier weights.

Reduce Risk of Bruising and Injury

When applying direct pressure to your body from your heavyweights, bruising can become a common occurrence. If you are battered and bruised from your previous workout sessions, it will be painful to do those exercises again.

A barbell pad will act as a soft barrier between the barbell and your body, reducing bruising and ensuring you can keep working out without taking time off for the bruises to heal.

Barbell pads also reduce the risk of injury during a workout. Barbells can get slippery, and if the barbell falls while you’re mid-exercise, it could do a lot of damage to your body. Barbell pads consist of a material that grips onto the body well, even despite the sweat. They will reduce the chances of your barbell falling during even high-intensity, sweaty workouts.

What Should You Look For in a Barbell Pad?

With so many barbell pads on the market of all different shapes, sizes, and materials, it can be overwhelming to pick the barbell pad that works best for you, especially if you’re just beginning your workout journey. There are several elements of a good barbell pad that you should look out for when evaluating your options.


The material of your barbell pad is the most important thing to consider. You want a durable material yet one soft and thick enough to act as a sufficient cushion between yourself and the barbell.

The best materials for barbell pads are rubber and foam, but barbell pads come in all thicknesses, so pay extra attention to how thick it is before purchasing.


While many barbell pads have no cover, some barbell pads come covered in another material around the foam or rubber. Although they may be more expensive, covered barbell pads are generally more comfortable, durable, and easy to clean, especially if they come covered in a long-lasting material like leather or vegan leather.

Although having a cover on your barbell pad isn’t absolutely necessary, investing in a barbell pad with a cover will ensure that your barbell pad lasts longer and is even more comfortable for your heavy workout sessions.


Some barbell pads come with velcro or straps to secure the pad around your barbell, but some simply slide on and off with no way to secure the pad. Barbell pads without any security run the risk of sliding around or even coming off during your lifting session, so it may be worth it to invest in a barbell pad with a strip of velcro or straps to ensure that you are getting the most out of your workouts.

Product Reviews: Best Barbell Pad

Now that you know what you should be looking for in a barbell pad to fit your specific needs, you can evaluate your options for purchasing one. Here are our top choices for a barbell pad.

Top Choice – Power Guidance Hip Thrust Pad

Key Features:

  • 1. Bench press pad is perfect either for weightlifters and also for beginners. It has enough weight so everyone can carry this without much difficulty.
  • 2. This barbell pad is made up of premium quality PU leather which gives this strong durability, It is non-slip which gives you a guarantee that will remain stable when you exercise.
  • 3. This square barbell pad is better than other foam barbells, It can protect your chest and your hip when you are practicing Bench Press and Hip Thrust.
  • 4. Our square barbell pad foam is thick and light, Dimension: Length 16.5 inches, Width 5.3 inches, Height 3.7 inch, Weight 1.2LB.
  • 5. There are two colors for you, black and pink barbell pads. If you don’t absolutely love the Barbell Squat Pad, just send it back and we’ll promptly refund you in full. That’s right – no hassles with us!

MOST AFFORDABLE – Power Guidance Squat Pad Barbell Pad

Key Features:

- High-elastic foam liner, not deformed, thickened design, more comfortable to use.
- Buffer shoulder pressure, the effective protection of the shoulder, neck and chest.
- Allows for proper form of squats and lunges with comfort.
- Middle groove design, more suitable for neck, the neck more comfortable.
- For fitness barbell weight groups.