Mini Stepper-Best fitness equipment for people lack perseverance

Mini Stepper - Best fitness equipment for people lack perseverance

Stepper adopts independent pedal design
Depress the pedal with one foot, and the pedal with the other foot will rise.
Movement mode simulates the movement of climbing stairs and climbing.

Because the intensity is moderate, the safety is high, and the experience is comfortable.
In addition, it is small, cheap, and time-consuming.
Particularly suitable for home fitness or office space to lose weight.
It can be said that it is an entry-level cardio equipment.

1. Low knee wear

Compared with other lower limbs involved workout, the knee joint has a smaller flexion and extension range, and the center of gravity can be evenly and reasonably distributed in the lower limbs, avoiding excessive pressure on the knees.

2. stovepipe, beautiful waist, buttocks

The pedal of the stepper is tilted, and the action range is from top to bottom, from left to right, and after going from the beginning, it will cause a small twist in the waist. Basically, it will heat up in five minutes and sweat in ten minutes.

Sedentary causes hips to accumulate fat and is flat. Stepper movements require hip joints to stretch. This is the mechanism of hip strength. Fat is reduced. The lower hip line is improved.


3. Exercise balance

Poor balance ability, not only unattractive walking posture, but also unhealthy, limited ability to react and exercise, easy to be injured during more vigorous movements

In the stepper exercise, the two legs alternate up and down, and the center of gravity is constantly shifting and shifting. The human body needs to adjust to keep stable. It can exercise muscle control and strengthen the sense of balance.

4. Strengthen cardiopulmonary function

The stepping speed and twisting amplitude will also make your heart beat faster and breathless, which will help accelerate blood circulation, increase myocardial oxygen supply and promote metabolism

5. high security, easy to adhere

Compared with other large home fitness equipment, it is suitable in strength, easy to use, short in use, easy to persist, and has a low probability of injury.



You can refer to this video for a simple and efficient exercise!


As an aerobic exercise equipment, steppers can simulate mountain climbing, perform aerobic exercises, and increase cardiopulmonary function. The steppers with the effect of the tensioner can also train arms, back muscles, etc., making the upper body lines more fit.

  1. Before and after exercise, stretching and stretching should be done, and proper massage should be performed to relax local muscles, otherwise thick legs will appear.
  2. Fat loss does not depend on how many times you step, but on the use time. It is recommended 5 times a week, one time is greater than or equal to half an hour, the speed changes from slow to fast, the range from small to large. If you continue to exercise, you can definitely see the effect. .
  3. After stepper exercise, it is recommended to practice with strength equipment the next day, the effect will be better.
  4. When using a stepper, prevent it from falling. Put one foot first, stand slowly and then step on the other foot slowly. The elderly can choose steppers with handrails to balance their bodies,
  5. In the intensity of exercise, there is obvious sweating but it does not feel very strenuous. Keep this intensity of exercise. Don't just think about how much fat you want to lose and press hard, this will only have an adverse effect.


Small, convenient, and effective, it's not hard to explain why it's so popular. Come and have your first experience with Mini Stepper.

Body Slimming Legs Shaping Home Fitness Stepper

Believe me, you won't regret it.