Join us! Create A Workout Routine!

Welcome to PowerGuidance! Here we will share knowledge about bodybuilding and weightloss. Fighting with us, be stronger and healthier together.


To do this, we’ve put together a completely step-by-step guide that will walk you through every aspect of building the workout schedule that will work best for your body, experience level, schedule, preferences and specific goals.

Which means, if you want to…

Build muscle

Increase strength or performance

Improve your health

Lose weight

Or all of the above

…then I’m going to help you create the workout schedule that is custom tailored for reaching that goal as quickly and effectively as possible.

Also we will share the equipment that is useful for workout, follow us, learn how to CHOOSE,how to USE and its BENEFITS about:


Resistance Band

Pylo Box

Agility LadderBattle Rope

Climbing Rope

Ab Rollers

Yoga Pad



GOGOGO!! Fighting with PowerGuidance together!