Bodyweight Training to enhance lower limb muscle strength and explosiveness - Jump Box

Bodyweight Training to enhance lower limb muscle strength and explosiveness - Jump Box

"JUMP BOX" is a familiar of the equipment. In addition to training the muscles and explosiveness of our lower limbs, it can also be used to train parts that are easier to ignore in our daily training, such as Balance, cardiopulmonary function and reaction rate, etc., have a very good effect on improving physical fitness and breakthrough training bottlenecks. They are often used as a way to train physical fitness in the United States. If you still don't know how to properly train the equipment, please Read this article carefully and then proceed.

The benefits of jump box training:

1 Easy to adjust strength:
We all know that the jump box is determined by the height, so you can set the height of the jump box according to the strength of the current training or the state of your physical fitness.

2 Training explosive power:
The "jump" action itself includes both speed and power, so when you jump from the ground, the body reacts to the most basic explosive power, which is hard to do, squat or bench press. It is a very different training method.

3 Training the hip's stretching ability:
The training of the jump box is most important for the full extension of the hip. When we need to jump up, in addition to the explosive force, the ability of the hip to stretch determines the conduction of the core strength, so whether it is for your daily referral strength training or jogging This aerobic exercise, with a flexible hip, will make your athletic performance even higher.

4 Improve your heart and lungs:
Box Jumps have the same feelings as Burpee. They are all part of high-intensity intermittent aerobic exercise. When you perform the jump action, you will experience a short-term high-intensity movement and intermittent rest. Every time you jump, you need to use a lot of oxygen to burn fat to produce energy, so you can let the heart send a lot of blood to the lower limbs muscles with higher efficiency.

How to use jump box training

First of all, you must first ensure that the floor where the jump box is placed does not slip, and start training with the shortest jump box! If you don't have a jump box around you, you can use the stairs to do training items. When performing jump box training, please use a single leg to board the platform to warm up the body and lower limbs. Repeat the training several times.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Stand with your feet open and shoulder width to stand in front of the jump box. The distance between the body and the jump box can be determined.
Step 2: Then use the strength of the quadriceps and the biceps with your feet and use the swing of the upper limbs to jump onto the platform and release the force. Pay attention to the extension between the hips, knees and ankles.
Step 3: Since the kicking of the box is greater for the knee, it is recommended to go back to the starting position by going down or stepping down. Whether it's the upper case or the lower case, the foot is light, so don't let the leg and knee get too much impact.


in conclusion:

The training of the jump box attaches great importance to the progressive muscle strength and explosive power. Therefore, not everyone is suitable for the exercise of this sport, especially those beginners who have never exercised or are not strong enough. Short or less impactful exercises to practice (such as skipping or lower pedals), and when the muscle strength and agility are improved, perform standard jump box training. Here you must remember to learn the correct jump box movement. It is far more important than a height adjustment!".